Add New Exception (Blocked Dates / Seasonal Pricing)

Step 1. To add a new exception please navigate Eagle Booking → Exceptions → Click on the “Add New Exception” button.

  • Type* — Choose the exception type.
  • New Price — Set the new room price.
  • Date From — Choose the exception start date.
  • Date To — Choose the exception end date.
  • *Custom Price — Override the room default price, e.g. for seasonal pricing.
  • *Block Dates — Set a blocked dates period.

Step 2. To assign the exception to the room edit the room and choose the exception under the Exceptions tab.

Exception Tab

Please note: In the case of multiple exceptions, the exceptions must be in chronological order. The custom price exception is overriding only the room’s normal price.

Please Note: Price exceptions (Seasonal Pricing) are applied only on the Search, Booking and Checkout page and only after the user/guest sets the booking details like check-in and check-out date.




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