Changelog 05 March, 2020
Search Filters
Multilanguage Room Additional Services
Responsive Issue
Booking Page
Check in & Check out Time
Time Format
Additional Services price type for adults & children
WPBakery Page Builder Rooms List Element
Notification Message on Booking Page 21 February, 2020
Multiple Date Exceptions Bug
Translation Issue
Responsive Issue
Print Booking Details
Language File 11 February, 2020
Price for each guest or adult and children
Rooms Sorting
1.2.4 10 February, 2020

Please Note: If you are using adults and children selector since version 1.2.4 of Eagle Booking is required to set a maximum number of adults and children. So please re-check your rooms’ settings.

PayU (India) Payment Gateway
Price for each guest or adult and children
Maximum Adults and Children
Show/Hide Room Price
Room Availability Calendar
CSS Issues
Search Page Improvements
Max Guests in the room details page
Language File
1.2.2 06 December, 2019
INR PayPal Currency
Price Format
CSS Issues
Language File
Default Room Reviews
1.2.1 22 October, 2019
Payment Gateways Sorting
2checkout Issue
CSS Issues
Language File
1.2 08 October, 2019
Price type for each Room
Canceled Booking Status
Calendar Availability Period
Default Max Guests, Adults and Children
CSS Issues
Archive Room Fontawesome 5 Icons 28 September, 2019
Option to Crop or not Images
Additional Service Description
Custom Booking Type Date Format
1.1.9 18 September, 2019
Blocked Dates
Fontawesome 5
Single Room Content
1.1.8 15 September, 2019
Stripe payment integrations to comply with PSD2 and the SCA requirements
Search Filters
Price Range Currency
1.1.7 12 September, 2019
Auto Update
Contact Customer Button
Search Form Issue
Search Page Issue

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