Add New Review

To add a new review please navigate Eagle Booking → Reviews → Click on the “Add New Review” button. After that edit your room and select the review under the “Reviews” tab.

Add New Service

To add a new service please navigate Eagle Booking → Services → Click on the “Add New Service” button. After that edit your room and select the service under the “Services” tab.


To manage the email settings please navigate: Eagle Booking → Settings → Email Settings We suggest using an SMTP plugin like WP Mail SMTP to send emails. Please Note: Emails will be sent only in a live environment. Also please make sure that your WordPress website can send emails and the mail() function is enabled on […]


1.3.3 January 18, 2022 Taxes & Fees Rooms Price [Admin] Option to Display Total Price by Default on the Search Page Grid Rooms Issue Room Price Type Issue Airbnb Date Format Update System Branches 1.3.2 September 03, 2021 CSS Issues Paystack Gateway Issue Shortcode: [eb_rooms] Shortcodes: [eagle-booking-rooms], [eagle-booking-rooms-list], [eagle-booking-rooms-grid], [eagle-booking-rooms-carousel] […]


Starting from version 1.1.7 Eagle Booking Plugin can be updated like any other WordPress Plugin using the built-in plugin updater Navigate Plugins → Installed Plugins → Eagle Booking → Click “Update” if there is a new version of the plugin.

Booking System

To choose which booking system you want to use please navigate: Eagle Booking → Settings → Booking System Built-in Setup the booking pages using the respective shortcode. Set the URL of the hotel. Airbnb Set the Airbnb URL of the hotel. TripAdvisor Set the TripAdvisor URL of the […]


Please Note: In case you have got the Plugin bundled with any of our themes Manual Installation is not required as the Plugin will be automatically downloaded from our server. Step 1. After you buy the Plugin from our site navigate to Your Account → Download and download the Plugin […]